Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I know the feeling of being overwhelmed inside a makeup store/makeup counter because (I kid you not!) my eyes goes everywhere and my heart starts pumping extra extra hard and grab almost anything in sight to try it that I look like Im studying biology. haha. That's the reason why I end up blogging about this basic items you need in your makeup kit. First, to save you some time. Second, so that you wont have the same manic expression in your face like I do most of the time. (HAHA)

So let's start with the FACE/BASE products:

Purpose: To create a smooth canvas (face/base) and prolong your foundation wear
Is it necessary? If you have somewhere to go to that will require you to wear makeup for a long long period of time, then YES. If you're an oil slick city, YES. If you're just going out to buy some grocery, No.

Purpose: To even out your skintone.
Is it necessary? Depends on your skin condition and the event. Like I said, there are some events that you might want an extra coverage. But if you have clear skin and almost no skin discoloration, then you can opt for Tinted Moisturizer or BB Creams. Although it's nice to have this in your kit for those special days you want to look extra fab.

Purpose: To cover up blemishes and skin discoloration
Is it necessary? YES! You can skip the foundation but never the concealer. This is something you must always have in your kit.

Purpose: To even our skintone.
Is it necessary: If you have liquid foundations, then this is your buddy. Pressed powder is necessary because it sets your liquid foundation/concealer and adds an extra coverage. But please throw away that sponge and never wet this. Because wetting this will attract more bacteria. You should use a brush for lighter application

Purpose: To set the liquid foundation and concealer
Is it necessary: Well, if you prefer a lighter "feel" then yes. Pressed powders tend to be cakey, but loose powder (if used properly) wouldn't. And why translucent? because it doesnt change the color of your foundation. It's better that way. :) The con of having this is it's messier to carry.

Purpose: To keep the eyeshadow from creasing.
Is it necessary: YES, if you're an eyeshadow user. Because this locks eyeshadow into place. Although you have to try different eye primers that will suit your skin type. Urban Decay is my to-go eyeprimer because even the oiliest lids works with this well.

 photo not mine, image source

For me the basic eyeshadow colors that you need will be:

Matte (meaning no shimmer) Beige eyeshadow color.
This will be your everyday eyeshadow color. Not only is it easy to put because it requires a little blending, but this will also make your brows look more clean when you use it in your brow bone.

Matte Brown eyeshadow
Another versatile eyeshadow color. This is for days that you want a little "omph' but doesnt want that dark black smokey eyes. With this on your lids and the beige eyeshadow on your brow bone, you're ready to head out.

Shimmery Beige eyeshadow
When you have enough sleep, this is your bestfriend. Just put it in the corner of your eyes and your brow bone, bavoom bavoom! Fresh out of the shower look.
WARNING: If you have hyperpigmentation under your eyes, and you just had a bad night DO NOT USE THIS! Sparkly sparkly things are meant to be notice. And shimmery eyeshadow (especially those with ugly glitter fall-outs) HIGHLIGHTS. So opt for matte eyeshadows if you're tired. :)

Matte Black eyeshadow
For the sexy smokey eyes. Plus if you dont want that hard crisp line most eyeliners do, this is your bet.


I wish I have a liquid liner, but I dont. That one takes practice and it's messy and flaky and shiny.. I dont like it a bit. My bestfriend is gel liner. Gel liner is easier to use, matte and less messy. And you still need that pencil eyeliner for tightlining. Black or brown? It depends on your need. If you dont want the graphic black, go for the subtle brown. :)


If you're not a mascara user, at least curl your lashes. This opens the eyes. This is the real trick for tired eyes. :)


If I have to be stranded in an island there are 3 things I want to bring with me.
1. Tinted Moisturizer with SPF
2. Eyelash curler
3. Eyebrow Makeup!!

Eyebrows frame the face. So this is an important item. You can use powder or pencil or waxtype. If you have very bushy eyebrows, skip this and use a brow gel instead.

If you want to know how to do your brows, please scroll below (2 entries before this).


LIP BALM. I will put a plastic on your head if you dont have a lipblam. Ok, Im kidding. But this is essential. It's like skincare for the lips. It prevents aging, it prevents cracks and it if you dont need to, dont use a lipstick just to make your lips look pinker, use lipbalm instead. And my favorite? CARMEX.

LIP LINERS. This is used to keep your lipcolor last and prevents feathering. You only need two. One 'my-lips-but-better' shade and one red for special occasions.

LIPSTICK. Im sure most of you love lipsticks. Im head over heels with lip products. I love it. But if I have to keep only three, it will be a shade that's closest to my natural lip color for everyday, a pink (mine's hotpink!) and the red lipstick that used to be my uniform color because it empowers a lady in an instant.


Bronzer. It gives your face some "warmth" and it also can double as a contouring powder.
Blusher. You dont need a lot, you just need a color that works well with your skintone. Basic rule, if you're fair then skip peachy/deep colored blushers because it will look TOO orange. If you're on the darker end, never use a chalk pink. Opt for plums, deep pinks and peach.
Highlighting Powder. This is really not necessary but it's handy. To emphasize those cheekbones and the bridge of the nose. But avoid overdoing this because you will look oily than dewy.


You dont need 20, 30 brushes to do your makeup. In fact you just need a few.
Stippling brush, for a light application of powders.
Angled blush brush for precise application of blush and contouring.
Synthetic Foundation brush for your liquid foundation and concealer (which is going to be blended by the stippling brush for a more soft focus look)
Brow brush for your brows. Pick a brush that is angled and a little stiff.
Fluffy Eyeshadow brush. For putting lid color and doubles as a blending brush.
Eyeliner brush for lining those peepers.
Lip brush because this way your lipsticks wont collect more bacteria. This is most hygienic too.
Spoolie, to remove mascara clumps and brush your brow hairs in place.

And that's it. This seems to be a lot but actually this is just the basics. Also, do remember to let your skin breathe from makeup. The only way makeup will look extra good in your skin is to take good care of the base. :) So wash your face everyday before and after makeup and deep clean your brushes at least once a week so you wont collect bacteria (which causes pimples and allergies).

I hope you learned from me today. and if you have any questions, dont hesitate to ask.
Until next post,

CARLA, the makeup mama.