Saturday, August 31, 2013


A new chapter in my life has begun. First, we finally moved to my step-dad’s ancestral home which has a very spacious kitchen and loads of cabinets that it inspired me to cook and bake again. We are just settling in, so it’s still a mess here and there. Also, the “new” house has big windows and is perfect for photographing foods, so let’s see.

And with these changes in our lives happened, there is also one thing that I just change. JUST, meaning it’s been just a day since. A few days I go, I noticed that my tummy is not getting smaller whatever I do with it. See, in May 21st 2010 my gall bladder was taken out because it’s not going to work anyways. The stones “irritate” the hell out of my gall bladder that it already “pouched” , so the surgeon decided to remove it and save me from any more trouble. After that, I asked him if I need a special diet now that I don’t have my gall bladder and he said there’s no need for a special diet and I just have to resume with my regular eating pattern since I’m pregnant that time and stones won’t bother me anymore. Came last year when one of nurse friend told me that I should be more careful on what I eat because I don’t have something to help me “store” the fat. Also I noticed that my metabolism go from lazy to couch potato lazy. I have irregularities with my bowel movements and eating oily foods made me “dunk” fast.

And now here’s the change I was telling you about. I decided to go on with being a … VEGETARIAN. Not Vegan. It just means that I will feed on dairy and eggs (Ovo-Lacto) but will no longer eat meat. Why? It’s not to lose weight. It’s for health reason because I’m the kind of person who believes in what you don’t know won’t hurt you. I’m scared that maybe I am sick and that I wont have more time with my kids and being a single mom, I CANNOT RISK THAT.

So since yesterday, I removed meat from my diet and I told myself that maybe one day I’ll let go of eggs too. But not butter, milk and cheese. Those are God’s gift to man, so I cannot give them up.

I’m just praying that I will stick with this change for good because I don’t want to declare my love for something then fail at it again. Just like everything else in my life … including updating this beauty blog. Haha. Okay, in the next coming days I’ll update and just to be honest, I already started on my entries. Yehey for that!

Until next time. Love, Carla.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Canmake Products

With my photoshop busted, I cant prepare the photos to be used in the review yet, but I'm going to let you into a sneak peek into my micro haul from Canmake. So far loving it! I cant believe this is Japanese drugstore brand! That Eyebrow Liquid last me a day! Love love it.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

L'Oreal Lucent Magique Light-Infusing Foundation

Hello ladies! I'm still very much alive. I've been quite busy with work again last June, but this month it's quite easy going since the work load wont be here until 3rd week of this month .. meaning No Makeup buying which is okay since I get to shop for makeup for a reason (I'm a full time makeup artist).
Anyways! I just want to share a new foundation that landed my personal makeup kit, the L'Oreal Lucent Magique Light-Infusing Foundation in G4.

I've been a purist my whole life and I dont like drastic changes. I used to love taking risks when I was younger, but when I stepped into my comfort zone, it's hard to make me move even an inch. Hence, since 2008 when I found my perfect skin match foundation in MAC, I never go back. Until recently when I was trying to save my money and be practical, I decided to try L'Oreal for a change. Then it hits me... before using MAC, I finished TWO bottles of L'Oreal foundation (True Match variant if I'm not mistaken) in G4 and it was my perfect medium coverage foundation for school.

Here's one pump of the foundation and it's enough for the whole face. I like that you can control the amount of product that the pump dispenses, also it's very hygienic unlike those that doesn't have a pump in it. It is housed in a glass container but the cap of the bottle is a flimsy thin plastic.

The product on the other hand is gorgeous! It's like MAC's Face and Body in a thicker consistency. I love how photogenic it looks and how easy it is to even out your skintone with this without looking fake. This is a medium coverage foundation, that definitely have a dewy finish to it. A friend who I had a early dinner with told me that I look fresh. YES!

Here's the foundation in action. Obviously iut doesnt' cover dark spots that well, but look how great it performed under the eyes! It doesn't cover them perfectly, but for an everyday wear foundation, this is great! I look decent without looking too made up. :)

The only downside I saw in this foundation is that it doesn't last that long. It lasted me around 3-4 hours of wear and I'm a combination skin lately. But who cares if you're just doing errands, right? :)

This is a great buy for just Php850.00.

I love that this product is ..
Packaging is great because it's in a glass container, with a pump!
Medium coverage foundation for everyday wear
Looks natural
And has a good range of colors for Asian skins!

I dont like that ..
it doesn't last on me

Saturday, June 8, 2013

A love declaration .. Real Techniques Setting Brush

 photo copyrighted to Carla Gumin 2013. Unless otherwise stated.

I ahve a problem, a really really big problem. I think I'm addicted to brushes. Ever since I've been into makeup, I would buy brushes after brushes just to try them out. I cannot say how many I have in my collection already as I already lost and gave away some of my brushes. But I simply cannot stop.

Recently, it's been Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman, and the first brush I bought from her line is the Real Techniques Setting Brush.

Friday, May 24, 2013

NYX Slim Lip Pencils

photos copyrighted to Carla Gumin, unless otherwise stated.

NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Nude Pink, Plush Red, Rose, Hot Pink and Bloom

I'm not sure why I'm only posting this now but I have this and been loving it for the past year. For me, price doesn't guarantee quality (ahemMACahem). I have experienced high-end products that doesn't deliver that much for its price and it's dupeable most of the time. The only lip pencil I had where the Nars' and Etude House which, for me, works terribly the same. So when I came across with NYX lipliners, I never came back.

(L-R: Bloom, Plush Red, Hot Pink, Rose and Nude Pink)

For Php100.00 a pop, you can never complain! They're pigmented, they stay and they stop the lipstick/gloss from bleeding serving their purpose. The pencils are hard in terms of texture but not waxy. It glides on smoothly and it's true to color. But it can be drying, so exfoliating the lips and prepping it with lipbalm is a must ... and something I didnt do. *yikes*


Nude Pink
This is my favorite from the bunch! It's the perfect lip base for nude lipsticks. It's warm enough that it didn't wash me out. (NC35 for reference)

A milky kind of pink, a great base for pink lipsticks. Although I dont tend to use this that much because  it's too cool for my taste.

Hot Pink
The photo doesn't give justice on how bright this is! It's really such a bright pink, but not neonish. It's perfect for morena skintones.

Plush Red

If I have to pick among the 5, I will choose Nude Pink and this. It's a staple if you love wearing red lipsticks, it makes the wear so darn lasting. :)

Pardon the excessive pout. This lipliner is soooo pretty! I've been lemming for MAC Rebel for the longest time, but knowing that I wont wear it that much, I kindly pull myself out of it. Since I've been sad about that, I cannot count the times I wear this lipliner alone. I just love it. And I think this is the least dragging from the loot.

What I love:
- Inexpensive but still works
- Now available at online stores such as Digital Traincase
- A huge range of colors! 60 amazing colors.
- Easy to sharpen
- Pigmented

What I dont like:
- Dragging and Drying. but you will expect this with lipliners. because it's their job to prevent feathering.

Will I repurchase? Definitely! I'm getting a backup of Nude Pink because it's nearing its death. :))

Thank you for reading. Till next time
XO, Makeup Mama

Friday, May 17, 2013

MAC False Lashes Mascara in Waterproof

I'm a big fan of MAC, that it's sacrilegious to be because I'm from MUFE (and I barely use MUFE products!! *shame*) This is something to get excited about!! :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Go on, Highlight Me. TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer Review

TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer, The Luminizer

I wish every morning when I wake up, I'll have the best skin ever. But of course not. First, im not made of plastic. Second, I have pores that gets clogged up and Last, I have kids and I work and blog  to make me stay awake at the wee hours. So how will I ever have that "glow-from-within" if the stress is making me look dull and tired?

Fret no more. Because this lady here is going to make you look like you just slept a whole 8 hours.

So what does it do? Well, it highlights. It is a pressed shimmery pigment that will make you look like you have healthy skin. It has 8.5grams of product in it, and a versatile little compact too. You can use it as a highlighter or an eyeshadow. Imagine using this as an eyeshadow, ha. you will have to use it for a lifetime to hit pan on it.