Monday, May 13, 2013

Go on, Highlight Me. TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer Review

TheBalm Mary-Lou Manizer, The Luminizer

I wish every morning when I wake up, I'll have the best skin ever. But of course not. First, im not made of plastic. Second, I have pores that gets clogged up and Last, I have kids and I work and blog  to make me stay awake at the wee hours. So how will I ever have that "glow-from-within" if the stress is making me look dull and tired?

Fret no more. Because this lady here is going to make you look like you just slept a whole 8 hours.

So what does it do? Well, it highlights. It is a pressed shimmery pigment that will make you look like you have healthy skin. It has 8.5grams of product in it, and a versatile little compact too. You can use it as a highlighter or an eyeshadow. Imagine using this as an eyeshadow, ha. you will have to use it for a lifetime to hit pan on it.

The only con for this is if you're oily, you have to have a light hand for applying this 'cause it can make you look oily than dewy. For dry skin gals, you might want to skip this where you have rough spots as this emphasize it. Oh, it have a soft buttery texture, so you might want to be a little bit careful to not drop this because its very fragile.

Swatch, Three layers vs one layer using a brush.

PIGMENTED!! A little goes a long long way! Staying power is good too, considering out weather. Again, please use a light hand when applying this because you dont want to look like a disco-ball.

T-B: Before, After

It's not so obvious, but you can see how it brightens my face and it gave definition to the contour. I placed it in my nose bride, cheekbones, brow, inner eye and chin area.

Here's something with flash, as you can see it have a tendency to make you look oily, or dewy whatever you prefer to call it. So, use sparingly!

What I love about it:
-Finely milled shimmers, no chunky glitters
- Soft, glides like butter
-Brightens the face sans glitter
- Price at Php900.00 for a big pan!

What I hate about it:
- Emphasize dry patches and pores

Will I repurchase? No. Because it's soooo huge! I probably wont run out unless I drop it *knock on the wood*

Where to purchase: Beauty Bar and online stores :)

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