Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Real Techniques Core Collection

photo copyrighted to Carla Gumin 2013

Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set

I've put restrains and locks in my wallet because I've been hauling like a bad kitty for the past few weeks just to "cure" my depression. But I think I've gone overboard because I'm now broke as hell and I just cleaned out my traincase and give out so much stuff that I bought but doesn't work or something I didn't use.

But to justify what I have gone through, I found this little gem called Real Techniques. A few weeks back, I got myself the setting brush and swear to get the core collection, and well, I love it.

Also, it is made by one of my favorite youtube beauty guru and pro makeup artist, Sam Chapman of Pixiwoo.com. It has 4 brushes. A buffing brush, contour brush, foundation brush and a detailer brush.

The brushes have an aluminum handle with a rubberized end for a better grip. Personally, I hold my brushes at the center, so this doesnt make sense for me. I love the chicness of the brush's handle but it's easily scratched and dented.

All Real Techniques brushes have taklon bristles, meaning it's synthetic and cruelty free! Also, this kind of brushes are kind to the skin. Perfect for those who doesn't like the scratchy feel of the animal hair brushes.

Real Techniques Buffing Brush
This brush is used for buffing foundation into skin for a heavier coverage. This blends foundation flawlessly, but I prefer using this for powder foundation rather than liquid. I'm still inlove with my Beauty Blender.

Real Techniques Contour brush
I bought this set just because of this. I'm currently into the contouring brush craze since I lost my MAC 109 and this might actually be "it". The tapered shape of it makes contouring at ease! You dont need a lot of effort in blending the contour, because it already diffuses it upon application. The brush itself is dense and sturdy, making precise contouring an easy task.

Brush comparison, Buffing and Contour Brush.


Real Techniques Foundation Brush

It's the usual flat foundation brush. But this one's tapered, It's quite small too, which why I only used it for primers. It's thin like ELF's foundation brush. That's just it. haha I cant really say anything about this since it does its job just fine.

Real Techniques Detailer Brush

Most details are small, hence the name. This is the tiniest concealer brush in my collection. It's so cute! I wont be using this for concealing just because it's too small, maybe for cream highlighters like at the brow bone or cupid's bow. Or as a lip brush for a precise filling-in.

What I like about this?
- You get a complete face brushes.
- Chic handles
-Length is pretty good too! Not too long, not too short
- Taklon bristles are so soft and not scratchy at all
-Cruelty free
-I didnt experience shedding at any of the brushes
-Inexpensive at Php1050.00 (Stuff in Style in facebook)

What I dont like about this?
- The handles are easy to be scratched and dented
-Not available locally.

Will I repurchase? No. Because I can take good care of this pretty well. But I'll buy more Real Techniques brushes soon because it's so good!

XO, Carla

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