Saturday, July 28, 2012

Inglot AMC Blush in #67 Review

photos copyrighted to Carla Gumin 2012
Inglot AMC Blush in #67

Last week, when I was in a makeup craving, I finally dig in and bought a new blush. I need a matte blush for makeup gigs, because sometimes shimmery blushes doesn't look good in photos. I originally wanted the #65 which is a beautiful nude pink blush but unfortunately it was out of stock. So being the impulsive that I am I blind-bought this blush and just assumed it's something in the nude family. But when I got it I was surprised and have so-so feeling about it because I thought it's just another coral blush. But boy, I was wrong! After a few days on acquiring this blush, I finally swatched it and saw that it's an matte orange blush. Something that I dont have in my kit yet.

It have 6grams of product in it. This is to be used in Inglot's Freedom Palette that's why the packaging looks like that. I still dont have the means to buy a Z Palette or Inglot's palette, so I just placed it in this plastic that came with it. It had 18 months of shelf-life.

I think the AMC Blush is suppossed to last more than the regular blush which is the face blush.

Here's the swatch. Pardon the cracked fingers, my skin isnt adjusting to the cold season yet. Anyways, it's a scary orange looking blush upon swatching. It is very pigmented. Although it's in the chalky side. There are some excess powders falling out when you swatch it. I think because it's matte? Im not so sure because I dont have anything from Inglot to compare it with.

And here it is blended to my cheeks. Although it looks scary on the pan, it actually gives you quite a healthy glow. I love pairing it with the contouring powder because it gives a "just-tanned-myself" look. It's a bit work to buff it out, tends to be patchy if you dont blend well. But the pigmentation is divine. A little goes a longlong way.

Staying power is good. Didnt stay as long as I want it to, but the 4-5hours wear is great though, considering it's price at Php600.00!

Will I buy more? Of course! I still want to buy the #65 and a matte bronzer probably because I'm a contour junkie. :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Etude House Surprise Concealer Review

As long as I remember I already have my dark under eyes. I used to claim it's genetic, but growing up I didnt saw my siblings have it nor my parents. Although I really do have bad skin ever since. I used to be really insecure about my eyebags but I didn't consider concealers because I think they emphasize them. But of course, I was makeup noob back then and I didnt know how a perfect match concealer (and right type of concealer, mind you! setting powders too! haha) can hide those nasty insecurities and bring out the best face forward.

UNTIL, in 2008 when FINALLY! After a long fight with my mom and our "since-bati-na-tayo" shopping session, she brought me to a MAC counter. And the rest is history.
My forever HG concealer is the Mac Studio Finish in NC35 because of its strong yellow tone that cancels out my undereye circle. But it's not so friendly with my undereye wrinkles .. deep wrinkles! And using a Mac concealer on everyday basis is bad for the, and number 2, bad for my wallet.

So, I went to the mall because I was craving for a liquid concealer. And the angels guided me to Etude House.

photo (c) Carla Gumin 2012 
Etude House Surprise Essence Concealer

Here's the cute little bottle of sleep. If I'm not mistaken (since I cant read Korean!), it's 2grams.
It has a doe-foot applicator and smells really really nice.

 Swatch (L-R: Heavily swatched, Blended)

The consistency of the product is creamy. The coverage is medium and buildable. Personally I like to let it set for a few seconds to make it more "tacky", this will ensure a more opaque coverage.
This have a yellow undertone to it, but not as yellow as MAC Studio Finish'. You can also use a synthetic brush to blend it.

Let's see how it works.


 Let's admit it, three dots wont do this! LOL


Set with loose powder

Although this doesn't really hide those nasty dark under eyes, this is more forgiving for everyday use, and the price is budget friendly at Php280.00

Packaging is pretty small, so it's travel friendly.
Consistency is just right. Not too sheer, not too heavy.
Smells nice.
Easy to find in malls nowadays (SM malls)

There are only two shades. And the second shade is good for girls up to NC30 only. I'm an NC35, and it's too light for me, I just set it with a powder that matches my skintone.

Staying power is at 3-4hours max. and I cant use it for work since I usually work for more than 10hours.

And that's it. It's a good errand/everyday/budget concealer! :)
Visit Etude House in SM malls and give it a try!