Thursday, August 2, 2012

Beauty Cosmetics' Flat Top Brush

 photo copyrighted to Carla Gumin 2012
Beauty Cosmetics Flat Top brush

Being the brush addict that I am, I tend to save for the brushes that will last for a lifetime. I'm an avid MAC brush collector (though it may seems small), I still love finding dupes. I wanted the flat top brush from MAC, which is 130, but at the situation that I am, I need to find something within my budget. First I want the Sigma F80, then Real Techniques'. And when I finally have some cash to burn, I remember that I need to start my hairstyling kit so I pushed the thought aside. Then I remember Rosenn's brushes!

 Beauty Cosmetics' Pink Handle


I love that it's densely packed but not so tightly, that it's easy to blend with. It still gives in a little bit and moves as you go.

Synthetic Bristles

For a girl who have skin asthma, my best bet for brushes are the vegan ones. And this is so good for my skin! I love it.

What I love:
- Pink handles! I love that it gives my brush roll a kick of color since most of my brushes are black or silver.
- VERY SOFT BRISTLES! I can even use it on my kids if I must.
- Inexpensive. Other runs Php600=1,500 for this kind of kabuki brushes, and this only cost me...
Php400.00!!! Such a steal
- Densely packed.
- VEGAN! I cannot for my life quit eating meats, but at least my brushes can be as vegan as they can be. It is also suitable for clients that have sensitive skin.

What I hate:

Will I repurchase? Yes, for my kit and for my clients!

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*Not a sponsored post. Items are bought with my own money.