Tuesday, July 9, 2013

L'Oreal Lucent Magique Light-Infusing Foundation

Hello ladies! I'm still very much alive. I've been quite busy with work again last June, but this month it's quite easy going since the work load wont be here until 3rd week of this month .. meaning No Makeup buying which is okay since I get to shop for makeup for a reason (I'm a full time makeup artist).
Anyways! I just want to share a new foundation that landed my personal makeup kit, the L'Oreal Lucent Magique Light-Infusing Foundation in G4.

I've been a purist my whole life and I dont like drastic changes. I used to love taking risks when I was younger, but when I stepped into my comfort zone, it's hard to make me move even an inch. Hence, since 2008 when I found my perfect skin match foundation in MAC, I never go back. Until recently when I was trying to save my money and be practical, I decided to try L'Oreal for a change. Then it hits me... before using MAC, I finished TWO bottles of L'Oreal foundation (True Match variant if I'm not mistaken) in G4 and it was my perfect medium coverage foundation for school.

Here's one pump of the foundation and it's enough for the whole face. I like that you can control the amount of product that the pump dispenses, also it's very hygienic unlike those that doesn't have a pump in it. It is housed in a glass container but the cap of the bottle is a flimsy thin plastic.

The product on the other hand is gorgeous! It's like MAC's Face and Body in a thicker consistency. I love how photogenic it looks and how easy it is to even out your skintone with this without looking fake. This is a medium coverage foundation, that definitely have a dewy finish to it. A friend who I had a early dinner with told me that I look fresh. YES!

Here's the foundation in action. Obviously iut doesnt' cover dark spots that well, but look how great it performed under the eyes! It doesn't cover them perfectly, but for an everyday wear foundation, this is great! I look decent without looking too made up. :)

The only downside I saw in this foundation is that it doesn't last that long. It lasted me around 3-4 hours of wear and I'm a combination skin lately. But who cares if you're just doing errands, right? :)

This is a great buy for just Php850.00.

I love that this product is ..
Packaging is great because it's in a glass container, with a pump!
Medium coverage foundation for everyday wear
Looks natural
And has a good range of colors for Asian skins!

I dont like that ..
it doesn't last on me

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