Sunday, April 22, 2012

Jhobes Estrella x Mac Eugenio x Love Mitzi

Hello guys. Since Im starting to blog again, I might as well blog about my job.
There are lots of field that you can focus on if you're a makeup artist and you have to pick one that you will stick for a long time. Although my forte is bridal makeup, I'm forever inlove with fashion and editorial makeup.

Last April 19, one of my friend (who is a styling student in FIP), Jhobes Estrella, asked me if I can do the make up for his models. And it was an editorial shoot for something. hahaha. Im not supposed to tell you yet, because it might get jinxed. haha.That's the reason why most of the photos are the model's back. haha
Here are some photos that I would love to share with you.
Sorry for the quality because I just used a phone.

Special thanks to my love Jhobes Estrellas and Mhil Labador (my co-mua and hairstylist!) and of course to Mac Eugenio for the opportunity. <3 And Lord. Without you I will never come across with this wonderful people.

Cant wait to blog about them.

Buy those dress at

For the shoes, I'll ask Jhobes, his friend made those. :)

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