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Like foundation color, it is also important to wear the right shade of lipstick that will suit your skintone. Remember our lesson about Basic Makeup Must-have? Well one of them is the fierce-in-a-tube red lipstick Finding your red lipstick is tricky but with this quick guide, I'm sure you'll be able to know what's right for you.

Pale and Fair Skintones

Nicole Kidman, Adele and Anne Hathaway

For paler skin tones, go for a scarlet red or red lipstick that have a blue-undertone to it since it will not look as bright, competing with your skin tone. True to red lipstick can work, but you will have to pair it with an eye makeup that will complement it so it wont "pop" so much.

Medium/Warm Skintones

Kim Kardashian, Camilla Belle and Megan Fox

For warmer skin tones, it is best that you wear a brighter red since it will brighten the face than dim it. Red lipstick that runs on the orange-y side is another option since the contrast of the orange to the warm olive skin is good. Although I suggest avoiding it with dark eye makeup since it will pull down the look.

Dark Skintones

Kelly Rowland, Rihanna and Tyra Banks
If you have a darker skintone, the best colors would be brick red, cranberries and burgundy. Those with orange undertone in it are good too.

Still scared of pulling out a red lipstick?

You can try those tinted lipbalms or lipsticks that have sheer colors and lots of moisturizing properties to it.
Like Revlon's Lip Butter.

But above all, if you are confident that you can pull-off whatever shade of red you want to, then you probably can! You just have to have the confidence. Wear the red, and not let the red wear you! :D

Love, Makeup Mama

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