Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in Natural Beauty

photo copyrighted to Carla Gumin 2013

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in Natural Beauty

I've been hearing a lot about this blushes and I've been curious since but the piling of makeup wishlist came and I totally forgot about it. Then a week ago, I've been feeling down so I decided to shop because I'm that shallow. Haha!

And like any good researcher, I read and read and compared swatches about Tarte blushes. At first I want the Blushing bride, because I'm a bridal makeup artist (duh). But after seeing the swatches, Natural Beauty was more versatile since a lot of my bridal works require a soft makeup that focuses either on the "glow" or the lips. And this definitely live up to that, it's a pinch-in-a-pan blush.

It look scary on the pan, but upon application it's such a pretty color. I like using synthetic brushes for this (I bought this with the Real Techniques Setting brush and been pairing the two since) because animal hair gathers too much product.


Now, onto the product, it's very pigmented. It swatch and feels smooth upon touch. It's not that kind of blush where you have to swipe your brush for a few times just to get a decent pigmentation.
It gives the "i-just-have-the-best-sex-ever" glow. It looks so natural, and pretty.

The cons are that it looks a bit patchy, and needs a little more blending and patience upon application. A light-hand is needed because it's pigmented.

Also, the claim of 12 hour isn't true. This for me last a good 3-4hours max then it started fading. I cannot say that this doesn't work because 1) I didnt wear primer underneath my foundation 2) The weather here in the Philippines is insanely humid!


The packaging of Tarte is so dainty. I love that the packaging tells you what color to expect, making it easy to spot from a sea of black packaging. It also have a decent weight to it, meaning it's made of a study plastic.
At the back, there's a small hole, where you can push the pan and transfer it to a custom palette.

Product Info

It have 5.6g of product in it, plus a 12 mos shelf life. Which confuse me a lot since during makeup school we were told that powder products (when sanitized and cared for properly) can be used up to 5 years.

What I love:
- Pigmented
- A natural color that will suit a lot of skintones
- Dainty and sturdy packaging and it have a mirror inside
- For a blush it have a decent wear of 3-4hours

-Needs a little effort in blending
- Doesn't live up to it;s 12 hour claim.

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