Thursday, March 21, 2013

Bdellium Angled Blush Brush #942 Review

 photo copyrighted to Carla Gumin 2013
Bdellium Angled brush #942

One of the most crucial technique in makeup is contouring and highlight because it can make or break the end result of your base. Of course, with the right contouring powder it is achievable but the right tool is also a must.

Depending on the skill of the person, he/she can use different kind of brushes to contour. My favorite for contouring is the MAC  109 because of the size and density of the brush but unfortunately, I left or drop it somewhere from a makeup gig. And ever since then I've been trying to find a brush that have the same size of it. Luckily, I came across this baby. With the density, size and the slant (the helps newbies with contouring) it's really a good buy.

Bdellium, read with silent "B", brushes have anti-bacterial properties. I dont know how but I'm sold already having sensitive skin.

The angled blush brush is made from goat hair (assuming, the product info didn't indicate but it feels like goat 's hair) with a yellow bamboo handle. It's not scratchy, but it has a tendency to "scatter" after washing. But nothing a good brush shaper can't solve.

The size of the brush is perfect for hollows of the cheeks. Here it is compared to a five peso coin.

The density of this brush is good too. But it doesn't pick pigments that well, you really have to build the color with this brush. Which is good for some, but a little bit time consuming.

Also, the availability of this brush is scarce. I searched high and low for this brush. But luckily a friend gave me a supplier. :)

(L-R: Suesh Angled brush (from set), Suesh Angled brush (from Blush set), Beauty Cosmetics' angled brush (from 20 pro-set), Bdellium Angled Brush and Marinnoud Angled brush)

Here's a detailed comparison, with different brushes. The height of the bristles of the Bdellium is almost as high as the Beauty Cosmetics' one, but thinner in density and smaller in diameter. 

Battle of the density!

Look how beauty and cute the Bdellium beside the other angled brushes. Seriously, those brushes are small, but Bdellium one is tiny and perfect. :)

Will I buy it again? Hopefully! :)

- Just Php800.00 (depending on supplier)
- The eco-friendly and anti-bacterial scheme sold this brush in an instant
- Size and density of the brush
-The handle is sturdy and long, professional looking.
- Soft, not scratchy

Not widely available
The hairs have a tendency to "scatter" after wash

Note: Product is not sponsored and bought from own money.

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