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Bride Clinic: Reason why a makeup trial is a must.

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Hello guys! I promise not to be idle anymore, so here I am, blogging about my most favorite thing in the whole wide world, makeup. Which is why I want to introduce to you a new segment in my blog called The Bride Clinic. It basically tackle (mostly beauty) issues brides have. And with this, I want to start with the basic such as a so-called "Makeup Trial".

So, what is a makeup trial? A makeup trial is done a few weeks or days before your actual wedding. It is the day where you can try and test your makeup for your wedding day. This is also where you will communicate with your makeup artist about the your issues (dark undereyes, oily skin, acidic skin, etc) and the type of hair and makeup you would like for your wedding. Depending on the makeup artist, a makeup trial can be done in a few times so he/she can give you suggestions. It is important to be prepared for this day. It is helpful if you have photos of the makeup and hair that you want and remember to be open-minded for their suggestions.

But why is it important?

Your photo will be taken, picture after picture. Even if you have a wedding gown designed by Vera Wang or was studded with bajillion of crystals, a makeup can make or break your whole wedding look. This is not a day for experimenting and the photos last a lifetime. It is the day you and your husband (with some guests, family and future kids) will look back to, so you dont want to look like a frosted cake or pale as a dead person.

Let me share a quick story that happened not so long ago:

I am always flattered whenever a bride would book me without a trial. It means they trust my skills enough that they dont need to have it done. Personally, I suggest trial makeup. Not because I doubt my skills, it's just I want my bride to be stress-free. But I'm just a person and I make mistakes too. There is one bridal client that wasn't aware she's acidic. So when I did her makeup, at first it was perfect. The foundation blends really well with her skin color. But after the makeup is done, and while she's having her photo-op with the photographers, her makeup turned darker. Not just dark, like 2 shades darker. Oh the horror of it. But there isn't time to re-do her makeup because we're pressed with time and all I can do is try to remedy it with a powder lighter than her skintone.

It was a lesson learned for me, because I dont want a negative feedback on my business, but it is bound to happen anyway. I'm not saying it is the client's fault, because it's not. It was my job to make sure everything is impeccable but I just go on and forgot to ask her as well.

That's one of the reason why makeup trial is a must. It's about communication with your makeup artist, so that in the end it will both benefit both of you. And there will be no element of surprise.

Another is this is your chance to try the durability of the makeup. Will it last for the whole day? Will your hair withstand dancing and moving? Does your hair frame your face well?. This can be answered with a trial. You can take photos with and without flash so you can see what you will look like. Again, this will save you the trouble.

I hope most of you understand, that this kind of work doesn't offend a makeup artist. It actually helps us work more efficiently on your wedding day. We also work faster as we know what to do already than tweak and tweak after until we get the client's preference.

So if you're getting married, dont hesitate to ask your makeup artist for a trial makeup. Sometimes they can do it for free or for a minimum cost. But what's a little more money for a picture perfect makeup and to remove at least one thing to worry about? Always remember, it is your wedding and you deserve the best.

I hope this helps.
XO, The Makeup Mama

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