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Suesh Make-Your-Own Palette Matte Eyeshadow Review

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Suesh Make-Your-Own Palette Matte Eyeshadows

When I first saw these on Suesh in ATC, it instantly reminded me of Make Up For Ever's eyeshadows because of how huge the pan is. (I'll edit this and post a comparison between this, MUFE and MAC's) One thing that also got my attention is these are only Php90.00 a pop! How great is that?

There are huge varieties of colors and last time I saw, they added concealer and lip colors too. Upon swatching (with fingers), these are totally pigmented. The shimmery ones are soft to touch and pigmented as well, I'm not sure about how it is when applied with a brush, but it looks promising. But I got the mattes instead since they are so hard to find.

 Products info and ingredients

I have the shades 205, 028, 026, 086 and PC04. PC04 is a contouring powder according to the staffs.
As you can see from the ingredient list it contains Talc and a lot of parabens. I'm no expert at this but I think having so much paraben is bad for the skin. The product is 3.5g which is for an eyeshadow is a LOT of product. I cant even hit pan on my favorite mac eyeshadows which is so much smaller than this.

 Suesh eyeshadow comparison beside a five pesos coin.

This ginormous eyeshadow can be put in a magnetized palette which Suesh also sells. But doesn't fit a MUFE or MAC's palettes.

But is the price and size worth it?
See the swatch below.

Be my judge.
This is the swatch without primer on using an eyeshadow brush. My wrist is lighter than my whole body and it barely shows up. You can't even see the two highlighting colors.

And here it is swatched wet. Better, in my opinion, but it's such a hassle to wet eyeshadow for applications. I dont know if you still do that, but I dont. The highlighting eyeshadows are so-so in my opinion, but I used it quite a while and it works with primer on.

So is it worth it? You tell me.

Oh and I forgot, these eyeshadows are cased in a hard plastic like this. If ever you end up buying some, you dont need a magnetized palette, you can keep them in this. :)

- Price. You can't beat a Php90.00 eyeshadow in a huge pot
- There are plenty of colors available
- Suesh's stores are convenient. For people who lives in the south, there's ATC. For those who are from north, they have one in trinoma and there's the heart of it all, Greenhills. :)
-Cased in a hard plastic. No need to be pressured to buy a magnetized palettes.

- Pigmentation
- Staying power

Will I buy it again? Probably no. But I'm not gonna lie, I've been dying to try the lip colors.

Love, Makeup Mama

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